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In her presentation “Dynamic Customer Service and Stress Management”,
Barbara Stevens did a fine job of educating our staff
on the importance of active listening.
She also provided us with some additional communications techniques
for use in our dealing with a difficult or dissatisfied customer
by helping us view the situation from the customer’s perspective.
Although we focused primarily on the telephone customer relationship,
the techniques that Barbara presented were felt to be useful in both
our professional, and personal communications, with others.
Throughout the program, Barbara did a wonderful job of educating us on
how stress plays an important role in our ability to communicate effectively,
providing us with some very useful yet simple techniques to help us
reduce stress and better function throughout the day.
Stephanie Waxman
Vice President
Donald J. Fager and Associates

As I walked away, I was aware that my belly and my lower back felt light
and soaring -- a feeling I certainly don’t have in the middle of my work day!
You are really good at what you do ...
You presented valuable information that I had not known before,
your voice is beautiful and relaxing to listen to,
the techniques you used to help us relax and distress were quick,
efficient, and truly relaxing! I was amazed.
It felt as if I had had the luxurious treat of an hour,
rather than ten minutes, of relaxation.
L. B.
Director of Corporate Communications
Daughters of Sarah Senior Community

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the great workshop last Friday.
I believe that our employees found it very useful and informational.
N. Z.
Human Resources Administrator

The kids are still raving about your presentation you did in the fall.
C. C.
Catskill High School

I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for seeing me on Friday.
The session was truly amazing, and helped me tremendously.
I slept through the night every night this weekend.
I did not get up to “snack” at all!!!
AND….I haven’t had any coffee, caffeine, high fructose corn syrup,
or artificial sweetener since our visit.
I thought I was going to DIE on Saturday……literally.
I had a migraine so bad that I had to call in sick
to my waitressing job Saturday night…..not necessarily a bad thing;
the added rest did my body good!
I don’t know if it is my body detoxifying, or the amount of sleep
I have gotten in the past few days…..but overall, I feel great,
and Monday wasn’t such a chore today!
Weight Management Client

I took my quiz on Thursday and I felt soooo relaxed and excited to take it!
While taking the quiz I used everything that we had worked on,
and as you said I would, I almost felt like I was cheating,
because the answers just came to me!
I found out the next day that I had gotten a 78,
and I was soooo happy with that grade!
Now all I have to do is take my final on Monday, and then I will be done!
Thank you for all of your help.  I will let you know how the final goes.
Have a great weekend!
Thanks again,
Chelsea R.
Registered Nurse

Part 2
I was writing to say that you and I did it again!!!
I passed the NCLEX boards and am now a RN!!!
I wish I had found you earlier when I was in high school... I would have done sooo much better!
You have made all my fears of taking an exam go away!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!
You will never know how much your techniques have meant to me!!!
Thank you is not a big enough statement to let you know how you have helped me!!!
A million THANK YOUS!!!
Chelsea R.
Registered Nurse

Thank you so much for helping me regain my emotional
and physical health in time for my concert yesterday.
The concert was a huge success.
It was thrilling to perform Evan’s music with him on this great stage at Skidmore.
The audience loved it, and we received a fabulous review by Joseph Dalton in the Times Union.
I look forward to continuing my work with you.
Barbara Eckhaus, Soprano
"A Voluptuous Voice that WILL Move You!"

“My daughter is a good student but despite daily tutoring
she still froze every time she faced a math test.
As the Math A Regents approached her anxiety worsened.
I had to think outside the box to get her the help she needed.
I was aware of Barbara Stevens' work with hypnosis and heard nothing
but positive feedback regarding both her expertise, and professionalism.
We took a session with Barbara and within a few days my daughter
stopped the "negative self-talk” about how she was "just stupid",
and she was never going to pass the math regents.
She was more focused, and confident, and patient with her studying.
Well, she took the regents and despite having a 47 grade
average for the year, she passed the math regents with 82.
I have no doubt that the techniques Barbara used,
and shared, with my daughter made all the difference!”
Merci M.
Certified Professional Coach

Thank you so much,
those that attended had nothing but positive things to say about it!
I thought it was great as well, and will definitely be using those techniques.
Amanda Stallmer
State Employees Federal Credit Union

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